About Us

ICreative Enterprise is a company that introduces various business products, official web design and internal company systems to make it easier for business companies to manage their business systems more effectively.

For 5 years we have been operating in introducing company systems and website design to facilitate more advanced business companies, now we have partnered with Lyazainal Legacy to further enhance and expand our system in System Innovation (MOF).

In 2018, our company was also made a main platform for retail cooperatives under the auspices of the Malaysian Raub Pahang Cooperative Commission (SKM) to introduce the company's products.

In addition, with the services we have, we can also hold an entrepreneur program with Webs.Icreativeent.org at the Digital Economy Center (PEDI) Batu Kurau, Taiping Perak. This program attracts entrepreneurs to create their stores online and be able to market products more widely online.


We are always ready to serve provide various systems for grow your company with easier.